Medical Malpractice – Steps A Victim Should Take


Falling as a victim of medical malpractice is quite saddening. The medical malpractice cases are quite complex, and also it is not easy to get the right justice. You might see a lot of attorney websites which says click here to get the information if you are a victim of medical malpractice. However, you might not find any helpful information. Attorneys at can help you get justice if you are a victim of medical malpractice. What should you do when you become a victim? Will you keep quiet? Or will you take the help of the law? Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

When you realize that a medical malpractice had happened, the first thing what you need to do is to find another doctor who is trustworthy. The reason is if your current doctor gets the information that you are planning to file a case, they might hide things so that you cannot be successful in the case. A new doctor can help you in giving the right information by going through your medical reports and telling you where the other doctor has gone wrong. Also, the doctor can answer all your questions relating to medical malpractice.

Get all the medical reports as soon as possible. Do not give time to anyone to alter or correct your records. The medical reports given by the doctor is the major proof when you file for a medical malpractice case. If you ask your previous doctor to handle your medical reports, they can easily alter the reports favoring them. So, it is best to get the medical reports in hand before you file for a case. By getting the medical reports, it does not mean that you need to ignore your health. Your health is not important than a case. Get the correct medication from another doctor and do as per your new doctor. When you submit the lawsuit, the attorney will be able to understand the situation by checking the previous medical reports and the current reports.

A case of medical malpractice can take some time to resolve. Over the time, it is normal to forget some things relating to the case. So, to avoid these things happening, keep track of all the records by either writing it down in a book or keeping it on a computer. By doing this, you will be able to produce the report any time when the court asks you for that. Medical malpractice cases can take more than two years to get resolved. You need to keep a constant touch with the attorney to get the update of the case. Why such cases take so much time is because of the full and clear investigation so that the right party gets the justice.

Never keep quiet when a medical malpractice happens. If you keep quiet, it is like permitting for the culprits to do more and more medical malpractices. So, when it is time to voice out, you should do it.

Terms And Conditions Of A Consumer Proposal

Consumer Proposal

If your debts do not exceed $250,000, a consumer proposal is a good option to seek protection from creditors. To find out if it works for you, meet attorneys at to discuss your financial situation with them. For more details, you can visit and submit your legal issue online.

What Is A Consumer Proposal?
As the name suggests, a consumer proposal is a legal process administered by a Licensed insolvency Trustee (or LIT). They will work with you and come up with a suitable offer that can be presented to the creditors. It can be a proposal to pay off the money lenders a small percentage of what you owe to them, or request for the time period to be extended. All the necessary payments are made through LIT who will use the money to pay each creditor.

When you file a consumer proposal, you reap benefits like:
· Interest does not get accumulated on the money from the date you file the proposal.
· You will no longer be bothered by credit companies or money lenders.
· You do not have to bear the risk of losing your home or other personal assets to repay the loan.
· The period of a consumer proposal cannot exceed 5 years, and you can pay a portion of your debt in the stipulated time. This brings back the lost confidence, and you gain control over your life and finances.

Steps Involved In Filing A Consumer Proposal:
· When you talk to an attorney, they will file a proposal with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB). This gives you the much-needed financial security as you do not have to make any direct payments to the creditors. Any lawsuits filed against you will be withdrawn.
· LIT members will submit the proposal to the money lenders. The report will include a detailed description of your current financial situation and the problems you are facing.
· It is now up to the creditors to either accept or reject the offer within 45 days from the time it was submitted.
· Usually, a meeting is conducted within 3 weeks or 21 days after the proposal has been duly submitted. It is at this point that the creditors can give their opinion on the offer before them.
· In case no meeting is conducted within 45 days after filing the offer, it is understood that they have accepted the terms of the proposal.

What happens when your proposal is accepted?
If your offer has been accepted by the creditors, you will
· Be responsible for paying off the loan amount either in small amounts or as a lump sum.
· Have to follow the conditions as stated in the proposal.
· Own your assets, provided you are loyal and pay the creditors on time.
· Have to attend two counseling sessions mandatorily.

In case of rejection
· You have a chance to make necessary amends to the proposal and resubmit it.
· Look out for other valid options that will help you solve the financial problem.
· There is a chance for you to declare bankruptcy.

While the consumer proposal is like a blanket over you in times of financial crisis, it also strictly states that you have to abide by the rules in the offer. Pay your money on time and be a responsible citizen.