5 Tips To Success In The California Bar Council Exam


Many students spend a good amount of time preparing for the bar council exam which may extend from hours into days and weeks and in some cases even months. But it is only the smart of the lot who understands that they need to work Inna with a condensed material which will enable them to move through the essays, identify the required issues and reproduce them in the right way in the exam. Be it the Bar Essays or any other part of the exam, a student has to do smart learning to be able to deliver results. Click Here to know how to crack the exam in the easiest possible way. Here are five more important yet easy ways in which you can cross the exam hurdle.

Start studying for the actual test right from the beginning
One of the best ways to start preparing for the bar council exam is by going through the past essays. By studying the answers, you are actually preparing for the main exam in an indirect way and learning law in the right way. It is the best method to learn the specifics in an easy yet concrete path. You need to keep in mind that the expectation is for you to write an essay and that is what you need to be prepared.

Writing practice papers with open book sans timing
Though most of us believe that timed exams are the best way to prepare for the actual exam, this may not be applicable for the bar council exam. But, only in the case of an open book exam without timing, you will be able to sort out as to how you should answer for the given question. This type of practice will not only ensure that you are learning the best way to answer, but also helps you with the writing approach which will make the difference between an 80 and an 60.

The beginning of every essay is critical
You need to ensure that you able to begin the essay of any given subject in the best way. “Well begun is half done”, that is a phrase that many of us are aware, this applies to every field and the same applies here as well. It’s the starting that could always be a problem, but one you able to start right, the flow will come automatically.

Condense the material where you need to
When the material is huge, then it is only smart to remember the outlines and then build on it while writing the essay. There is no point in trying to read the complete content as you will lose out on precious time which can be used to make outlines for other materials.

Work on MBEs
The best advice that is often given to you will be to work on MBEs and I am not going to be any different. You should do them every single day if you want to see a good number in your bar council exam results. Even if you are working on a full-time job when preparing for the exam, this is a must, don’t put it off till the weekends!

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